Latest Photo Op with the HYREL Engine

Taking one small breather to see how far we’ve come…

While we are working on the smaller details of the HYREL 3D Printers, I’m taking a moment to show some higher-res pictures of the Engine.  As you will see in the pictures below, the Engine is one solid machine.  (The System is coming along quite nicely, too!)

In most of these pics, the Engine was powered on with the splash screen displayed.

One of the Left-side photos shows a clear picture of the internal PC connectors and the final power supply.  The power supplies have an outside switch to set it up for 115V or 230V.

One of the Right-side photos shows the connectors to the main electronics board.  Complete with a (from the top to bottom) Fan plugin, CAN BUS connector, RS232 (Serial port), USB Mini plugin, and Card reader (details TBD).

The heated build platform is wider than 200mm (8″) in the x-axis and a little longer than 200mm in the y-axis.  The full travel of the Hot-Head Extruders in the Y-axis is longer than the heated build platforms.  This was done by design for a couple of reasons, which was discussed at length on previous broadcasts.

One serious note about the live broadcasts…

We are shooting to have another live one this Saturday, March 2nd.  However, an excellent question was brought up by one of our Kickstarter backers, Tim from Australia.

Are we going to continue with the live broadcasts after all Kickstarters have their HYREL 3D Printers?  ABSOLUTELY!  Just because we ship does not mean we stop broadcasting!  The live broadcasts will continue because they’re a great way for everyone to come and interact with us and other backers about all things 3D printing.  We want to share the material-of-the-month.  We want you guys to continue to ask questions, develop your ideas, and have them come to light!

So, rest assured, we will continue to do the live broadcasts in addition to having the interactive DropCam.

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