Changing the Economics of 3D Printing

Just in time for the 2013 Holidays, HYREL 3D changes the economics of 3D printing with a single, affordable machine.

Whether one of HYREL’s Engines or Systems, all are able to fabricate multiple parts simultaneously.

What this means to you:
If it currently takes four hours for your 3D printer to print / fabricate a single part and you need four of the same parts, it will take at least 16 hours total with a single machine.
With a single HYREL Engine or System, your capacity to fabricate parts simultaneously on the same machine opens up the bottleneck, saves you time and valuable shop space.

So, if you need two, three, or four fabricated parts… or if you need a small production run of parts…

… or if you’d like to mix in other materials with our different extruder heads — you can do it all on your HYREL.

Other Materials include:
Sugru, Clay, Porcelain, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), Silicone RTV, Play-Doh, Plasticines… and coming soon, Wax, Chocolate, Cheese, Peanut Butter… etc.

For the material in the video, we used four colors of ABS. Each of the Mk1 Extruders in the video have been tested and verified to fabricate parts with the following types of filament: ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET, & Rubber. More filaments are currently being tested and more will be certified as 3D printable with the Mk1s in early 2014.

voltage requirements and appox output

Can you tell me voltage requirements and appox output, I.E. eight inch cube in how many hours?

The printer has a 650 PC power supply, only 25 watts are used for the computer, the rest is used by the printer.

It will work from 110 or 220 vac, 50/60 hertz.

Our printer is currently printing at 25-50 mm per second with great results, there are faster printers, but they come
at a cost of final finish quality.  Only you can decide what you need, we reccommend you skype in with us and make
a part, then you will know our printer, and if it is the right one for you.

When printing large parts, there is a fill setting in the slicer that creates the Gcode that drives the printer.

We usually use a 25 or 35 percent fill setting, so a cube 8x8x8 would take several days to print, this is true on all printers.

best regards
Karl/team Hyrel

November special

The system 30 is currently running 8 weeks lead time, the demand is quite high and we are still ramping up production.

You can place an order at anytime, and we have a November special that is 3995+ shipping, which includes the System 30 with
2 print heads, you can mix and match them to suite your needs, ( we have 2 different style heads at the moment,
One is for printing Plastic, and the other is able to print the extrudable materials, such as Clay, plasticine, playdough,
silicone, and almost any paste type material.)

We do not have any samples of parts that have been made with support material at this time.

It is our policy to only sell a printer after we have talked to the customer about their application, the reason for this is
that 3d printing is still quite new to the world and many people have the wrong Idea on what a printer can do and what
it takes to make a good part.
We have no interest in selling printers to people only to have them find out it will not work for them,
Our mission is to make, and sell print systems to people that will use them and find great satisfaction in being our customer.

We have 1 hour skype sessions that we do 1 on 1 and during that session we use
team viewer in concert with skype and allow you to go through the entire design to print process, you actually control
the printer from your computer during this session.

If you have a strong interest, then please contact us to set up a skype session.

Karl/ Team Hyrel

Bay Area Maker Faire

Dear HYREL 3D Supporters, We are within 24 hours from the opening of the one of the greatest shows on earth, the 2013 Bay Area Maker Faire! If you received our previous newsletter, there are a couple of edits and clarifications which need to be communicated. First, we will be showcasing the HYREL 3D Printer Engines, along with a couple of surprises. Second, the Bay Area Maker Faire has changed our booth number from 3609 to 117. If you can make it, come and say hello!  We’d love to see you there and spend time with you. Here’s the link to all of the details for this show, happening this Saturday & Sunday, May 18-19th at the San Mateo Fairgrounds: We hope to see you there!   Best Regards,   Daniel Hutchison   HYREL LLC (404)-914-1748 (shop phone) Skype:  hy.rel … Continue reading