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HYREL Engine Packages and Features

Every HYREL 3D ENGINE model printer comes with the following features standard:

○  Large 8″x8″x8″ (200x200x200mm) Build Area*
○  Robust, all-metal chassis, powder-coated and anodized for durability and longevity
○  Precision Linear Slide Rails, rated to 20,000 km each before the first manufacturer-suggested lubrication
○  Solid Electronics, utilizing a 150Mhz+ microprocessor
○  CANBUS built into our custom electronics for auto-syncing with the Interchangeable Hot-Swappable Hot-Head Extruders

Engine Packages






Hot-Head Extruder 1 1 1 2* 4*
Maximum Upgradable
Hot-Head Extruders
4 4 4 4 4
Support Material PLA ONLY PLA or ABS PLA or ABS PLA & ABS PLA & ABS
Heated Build Platform* Upgradable
Integrated PC* and Display Upgradable Upgradable
Need an external PC (not supplied) to print Not Necessary Not Necessary Not Necessary
List Price: $2,045 US $2,245 US $2,745 US $2,995 US $3,495 US
(Limited Time )
$1,995 US $2,145 US $2,495 US $2,695 US $3,095 US


Large Build Area: A four-headed HYREL Engine can only build up to a 5″x8″x8″ single print at this time. 
* The Headed Build Platform can be heated to 70 degrees C to prevent premature ABS cooling/shrinkage on large prints.
* The Integrated PC includes auto-calibration tool and  a solid-state drive (SSD) to save your .stl and g-code files locally.  Also, it enables Remote Access to your printer from anywhere in the world.
* Swapping plastics within the Hot-Head Extruders is not advised due to differing melting points; therefore, we recommend you purchase additional Extruders as needed (safer and easier).  A Second Extruder expands your ability to print new, complex objects with ABS and PLA using PLA as support material, or print non-complex objects with two colors of PLA and/or ABS.

Photo Gallery For HYREL Engines

Each Engine package comes with a specific number of Interchangeable, Hot-Swap Extruder Heads.  The Interchangeable, Hot-Swap Extruder Heads displayed may not be a final representation of what you will receive.

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