We are well into the 21st century.

In order to give you the best possible support, we will need to connect with you via Skype and TeamViewer v9.

We need this access to help you.


Before you make a purchase decision:

  1. You will talk with us about your needs and expectations.
  2. You will take live training via skype and teamviewer, where you will see and operate our equipment remotely, and we will cover basic hardware and software features and printing in clay – as well as have your questions answered.
  3. You are welcome to come visit our Norcross, GA facility in person.s creek).

After you make a purchase decision:

  1. You will have the option to take another training session, where we will cover simple modeling, positioning, editing recipes, slicing, and printing in filament – as well as have your questions answered.
  2. We can repeat the first session for your coworkers or collaborators



After you receive your equipment:

  1. You can skype and teamview with us to let us help you with your initial set up and first print.
  2. You can skype and teamview with us for help with problems that come up.
  3. Each HYDRA comes with ten hours of live support; other models come with five hours of live support.
  4. Every customer gets unlimited support via email.
  5. The Print Head SDK comes with additional support.

When are we available?

  1. We are always available M-F between 9am and 6pm US eastern time (except holidays).
  2. We are available most days, M-F between 7am and 7pm US eastern time.
  3. We are available later and on weekends if special arrangements are made.

Call us at 404-914-1748 or email us at or skype us at hy.rel (johns creek).



We work with researchers in the educational, public, and private sectors by modifying existing equipment and creating new equipment to meet their needs. Much of our present lineup of printers and modular heads was inspired by the needs of researchers working to push the boundaries of human knowledge and do things that have not been done before. From biologicals to circuitry to ceramics, Hyrel equipment has enabled researchers to focus on the science, and depend on us for the physical controls and positioning. See some of the published work to learn more.